Within Here Lies Pain

by The Human Tragedy

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released February 26, 2017



all rights reserved


The Human Tragedy Kentucky

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Track Name: Leech
Wake up in a perfect world created by your design.
Fall asleep with the weak as we're dreaming that I am never ever right.

Listen closely the devil will whisper
Kill the lights. Cover her behavior
Recognize her evil will make you paralyzed
Wasting time, starting to die. Do me a favor and never save her. You will never save her

Interrupt your self destruct and take me to a mind Fuck change direction for a reduction. I beg for more from the torturer. They all examine what you claim, the madness in your endless game. You think you're shining, so undeciding. The fear is here of no surviving.

Losing hope. Walking away from Faith
Track Name: Losing Grip
Underline a false dynamic sitting here, I cannot stand it. Kill our children like we planned it, but we stay alive like we demand it

Our useless times that where wisely spent. All the lies hanging by your neck. Now break it down to show us. The narcissistic is losing focus

Begin to cover up all our questions that's wrapped around in a similar fashion. All alone never restored. Make this world your little whore

Falling in hatred only to discover you've falling in madness with a broken lover

Turn into what you choose to be. Detach from this reality. Its far from over to dismiss. I can't seem to get out of this

Oh how we love to be so empty of this clarity. The unattached feeling from this relentless insanity. Losing grip, quietly sick, and starting to rot. Try to remember everything, but they always forgot
Track Name: Digitally Dying
There is a place where your concord rings. Where you sit unvexed.
When your body dwindles fir a thought to return. You watch your pallid doings, this madness separates

Tears will fall. Blood will spill. In a attempt to erase it all you're growing thinner

Stuck in a hole of conformity. Look at what you Fucking done to me. So lost in our dreams, led to believe that we don't need sleep.

Remove my memory. Can anybody hear me?
Track Name: Bound
With a careful incision beyond a dark obsession. I will never forget your satisfied expression. I favor this bleeding moment forever as a stranger to remember the nights when you were in danger

Darkness united and undefined. The pain was never dismissed
Uncovered energy from two dark minds. Lay down, I insist.

Softly taking your evil shape. Tied down with your last dream we will make.

Hanging while you're waiting scared, and shaking. Have you ever felt so close to it? Begging and bleeding for more of it

To welcomely possess them. You are my favorite victim. A fun way to infect them. I choose to start collecting the life you're soon forgetting. You're half alive "Empty Eyes" when I cum inside

Broken and sterilized dripping with sin. Shake the walls. Do it again. Brief in a cold embrace. Welcome to Hell, there is no escape.

Without permission. You're last decision. Your blood is dripping on stacks of fiction

You thought it would never happen, but now your living in my hell you're trapped in

I have cut you up to see what's inside. I have walked through your mind. We are all running out of time. Whatevers left of you will be mine.

Go ahead and pray for a way this never occured. I know by the end of this, you will beg me for more.
Track Name: Becoming
Stuck between my mind and time. I can feel my throat close. I don't want to enter this im turning back. I don't want to face this world alone

Dare I go insane. Its always the same. Dare I forget your face.

This is the new becoming that we never expect. This is the new becoming, a wretched effect

I refuse to be broken in half, reacting from your craft. Losing faith in the world we create as we love to hate

I forgot how long its been. Your living sin

All alone give and take. I start to break

The defecation drips out of your lie. Purge out the perfect size. One lost truth that was lost inside. Now it becomes your life
Track Name: Recognize
I can't believe this endless aggression. Break it down til none of its left. The only way to end this is watching it bleeding black.

Falling from a primal push. Its resonating behind us. Pull apart a logic turn. Jump inside and start to burn. Waiting eagerly to bleed. Losing all ability. Break beneath begin to feed. Locked inside buried between.

The welcome call inside us all. Never escape what we create. This is what you chose. Slit open your throat.
Your pain is only the beginning. The skies is the limit

Never escape what we create. Lets lift it up for one more taste. Look into my bleeding stare. In convinced there's nothing there. I am dead but never resting from your lie
Track Name: Brand New Taste
Find a way to fix this. I hate what I've become. The explanation given. The option is to run. I feel my sanity being chased, but im not the only one. I feel myself growing weaker. All of this is so familiar

What a pretty cavity to store this broken dream. Unable to crawl away I look in your eyes im here to stay

Sharing one sharing blood no sins exist without belief
Energy given energy taken give me permission. Sweet relief. Begging me to break the skin feeling your fingertips. The darkness within dripping from your lips

This is a remedy. Your body began to fold. The skin and sweat bare and wet. We don't stop till were cold
Track Name: Rearrange
All by myself, but not alone. My soul is sick. My mind is cold. As we stop division about this fallen sorrow, give me more wounds cause there is no tomorrow

Hearing voices seeing faces wake up in brand new places

Multiply the rage stare into my eyes. Take a deeper breath behind your disquise so quite so calm where do I belong. Becoming one desire. In the one drowning in fire. Glaring at a face that will never change. Forgetting how to exist, and how to rearrange. What a reflection of my biggest fear. Im alive,Im touching her, but she's never here

Facing death waste in it stuck in it becoming it. All is lost all is gone all my fault all is wrong. Softly spoken sick and broken. No way to resist. Forgot to see forgot to breathe forgot to live. I don't exist