Echoes From The Hall

by The Human Tragedy

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released November 25, 2014



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The Human Tragedy Kentucky

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Track Name: Enigmatic In Design
powering ever forward
continuous progress
forging realities design
ever changing currents
chaos intertwined
star dust is lacing
the folds of space and time
reaching further than ever before
expanding, no boundaries to contain
parallel in every direction
infinitely intersecting just the same
being drawn in to where time stands still
swallowed into nothingness, enigmatic in design
stretched to a point of fading away
event horizon, what awaits across the threshold
stretched to a point of fading away
still, across the heavens we dance play
Track Name: The Architects
Hidden behind the scenes
designs of the worlds reality
cloaking themselves shrouded in mystery
blueprinting the fabric of existence
from the shadows, strings are pulled
free will slowly being drained
conform to the architects plan
or be erased from the grand design
they cannot be seen, nor acknowledged
wraiths of intelligent design
ghosts, that are holding the reins
Omnipotent masters of fate
existing as a cog in their gears
a part of their human machine, oiled by tears
leeching off the populas en masse
blind to the power of its numbers
constitutional death to every social class
Track Name: Opus No.1
Take head mind not those who disbelieve
their fear is not their future
dream on wayward soul
for you choose your destiny
forsaken by those who judge
condemning you spirit out of jealous fear
reach further than the chains that bind
your path will come to light
Success will not be determined
by the ones who doubt
failure is the outcome
build the walls,a mental defense
the world around to be shut out
striving forward,constant progress
whispers of doubt,from the ghosts of the defeated
shall o longer pull you back
Track Name: To Wander The Earth
debris is falling,falling all around us
blood drained from the fruit of the earth
as our lips turn pale
and the life fades away
im left with nothing
these thoughts are all that remain
here inside this cold shell
we are breathing fear
the eyes are burning with tears of blood
the moon drips down tonight,revealing its frozen light
lunacy has reached its end,never to be seen again
as above then so below
now to witness and consume
from beyond the void,into black seas
the depths of your souls
spiraling down without control
there is no end to this,lost to wander the earth
Track Name: Grant Them Removed
exile or execution?
the bastards must pay
calm minded or strong hand
swift justice across this land
mob mentality, mass hysteria
rip the persecuted apart
break them, hang them, burn them
a walk to the gallows for the unknown
judge not the strange, fear not the unknown
welcome a diverse universe, lest be torn by hate
a wise mans words in an attempt to save lives
has become our fate
freedom of the mind, freedom of the soul
tolerance or acceptance?
liberty for life, freedom to all
open minds or outstretched hands?
vanity and arrogance, no longer murderers.